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Why People Should Be Wary of Cannabis in the Wellness Industry

Why People Should Be Wary of Cannabis in the Wellness Industry

Cannabis is moving over to the wellness industry. While this industry is related to the medical field, its focus is less on treating particular conditions and more on promoting good health and preventing illness.

While many people see huge potential for cannabis, others are also skeptical of the wellness industry’s eager embrace of it. There are probably many good reasons you should think twice about wellness products incorporating cannabis. Here are a few of the best.

The Wellness Industry Is Less Concerned about Science

One of the wellness industry’s greatest shortcomings is that it is less focused on science and more focused on selling. While some of the products sold as wellness enhancers perhaps contain some benefits, many of the claims are based on poor science or even made up.

The industry is largely led by trends, which means it focuses on what consumers want to see and hear. Much like the news media tends to twist the results of scientific studies, wellness companies will make claims to support their products.

That’s not to say all wellness products are a sham, but you’d be right to be skeptical and think twice about some of the claims that are made.

Cannabis Is the Latest Trend

In the early 20th century, everyone thought radium was amazing. People put it in makeup to give their skin a “healthy glow.” Some people added it to health tonics and beverages.

As you likely know, radium is radioactive. It makes people sick. Yet the wellness industry of the early 1900s claimed it was a miracle cure-all.

This has happened throughout history, and the same thing is happening right now with cannabis. While cannabis does have some legitimate medical uses, the wellness industry has hopped on the bandwagon. The industry is building up cannabis as some sort of miracle cure-all.

Science doesn’t know enough about cannabis to support all the claims being made in this industry right now. Can cannabis prevent wrinkles or act as an anti-ageing cream? This simply isn’t known. Most research right now is focused on medical uses, such as discovering whether cannabis can assist in the management of epilepsy.

The Concept of Wellness Is Elusive

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to preserve your health or prevent certain ailments. Nonetheless, “wellness” is an elusive concept. What does it mean to be well?

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind nothing can actually guarantee your health. Human health is a complex mix of good habits and good genes, along with minimizing exposure to certain environmental factors.

Sleeping right, eating well, and exercising often won’t guarantee you a clean bill of health, although they go a long way to ensuring you stay healthier for a longer period. The same can be said of most wellness products. They may not harm, but they also might help, and there is certainly no guarantee.

Should You Steer Clear of Cannabis?

You might wonder if you should just avoid anything with cannabis in it. As mentioned, cannabis-based wellness products may not be the most helpful.

You should approach any cannabis wellness product with caution. Ask questions. Do some research. Does the science really support the claims being made?

Being an informed, critical consumer will help you avoid the hype.

Fortunately, there is minimal harm to cannabis ingredients, and it has been studied much better than some other ingredients in wellness product, making it a safe option. However, while it may not hurt you physically, it could hurt your wallet and deliver subpar results.

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