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Who Should You Trust for a Medical Cannabis Recommendation?

Who Should You Trust for a Medical Cannabis Recommendation?

Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada for almost two decades now, but only a fraction of the patients who could benefit from it actually have authorizations to use it. One of the major barriers for patients has been getting adequate information. Few physicians and medical practitioners will recommend medical cannabis as a treatment of choice. It often has to be the patient who pushes for it.

This causes another problem because patients often rely on their healthcare providers for information and recommendations. It can be difficult for someone new to medical cannabis to get accurate, trustworthy information, especially if their provider is new to medical cannabis as well.

You may be wondering who you can turn to when you need a medical cannabis recommendation.

What Is a Recommendation?

If you’re new to the world of medical cannabis, you may wonder what a “recommendation” is. When it comes to medicine, the term “prescription” is commonly used. For medical cannabis, however, people don’t receive prescriptions. Instead, they receive a medical cannabis recommendation or authorization.

This comes from a healthcare practitioner. An authorization entitles you to use a recommended dose for a certain length of time. A recommendation is a statement saying they believe you would benefit from the use of medical cannabis.

You Healthcare Practitioner

This is likely the first stop on any patients’ list. Ask your healthcare provider, such as a doctor or a nurse practitioner, about medical cannabis. They may be able to help you get a recommendation.

Keep in mind many healthcare practitioners still see medical cannabis as an alternative treatment. They may believe it hasn’t been proven to work just yet. They may not be up to date on recent research connecting cannabis treatment with your condition.

If your healthcare provider is unable or unwilling to provide more information or a medical cannabis recommendation, you still have other options.

A Medical Cannabis Clinic

The next stop on your list for a medical cannabis recommendation should be a medical cannabis clinic. If you’ve talked to your healthcare provider and they’re unsure about providing a recommendation, have them refer you to a trusted source.

Medical cannabis clinics employ experienced healthcare practitioners who are well-versed in medical cannabis. They’ve helped many patients meet their needs. Book a consultation with them to discover more about how medical cannabis could help you.

Be sure to follow up with the practitioners at the clinic from time to time if you do receive authorization for medical cannabis. They can help you determine the best strain for your needs and even help you adjust dosages or incorporate other medications into your treatment plan.

Other Information Sources

While they may not be able to provide you with an authorization or recommendation, there are many other reputable sources of information that can help you discover more about medical cannabis.

If you are consulting with practitioners at a medical cannabis clinic, be sure to keep tabs on their website or blog. They’ll likely post about the latest news and research in the medical cannabis industry.

There are also many news sites and medical cannabis research centres. Choose a few of them and keep tabs on what’s going on in the world of medical cannabis..

Staying up to date helps you get even more effective treatment.

Why Wait?

If you believe you’d benefit from cannabis, talk to your doctor or another healthcare practitioner today. As a patient, you should advocate for the best treatment possible and work with those who are willing to help you get there.

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