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Where Can I Go for a Medical Cannabis Consultation?

Where Can I Go for a Medical Cannabis Consultation?

If you’re new to medical cannabis, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available. A quick internet search turns up so many resources. Some of them are better than others, and the information often conflicts.

In this situation, you’re wondering where you can turn. Who can you trust for information? How can you sort out all the conflicts and make sure you’re receiving the best advice? A medical cannabis consultation could be one way to sort fact from fiction.

If you’re asking, “what is a medical cannabis consultation?”, you’re not alone.

A medical cannabis consultation is a meeting between a potential patient and a knowledgeable healthcare professional, most often a doctor. The medical professional will discuss many different topics with you, including your history, your current condition, the pros and cons of using medical cannabis, and how you might benefit from this treatment option.

How Do You Get a Medical Cannabis Consultation?

If you think a consultation may be a good idea and could provide answers for you, your next question will likely be about how you can book one. The good news is booking a medical cannabis consultation is relatively easy.

The first thing to do is locate a reputable medical cannabis clinic near you. If you’re not sure which clinic is reputable, talk to your family doctor. They may have a preferred clinic they refer patients to on a regular basis.

If you live in an underserved area, you may need to travel in order to visit with the medical staff at a medical cannabis clinic. Some clinics may provide telehealth services, allowing you to conduct your consultation over the telephone or the internet.

Once you’ve self-referred or had your family doctor refer you, the staff at the clinic will be in touch to schedule your consultation.

What Will You Discuss?

Once you’ve booked your consultation, you may wonder what you’ll discuss. Generally speaking, the conversation will be quite wide-ranging. You’ll want to be prepared, so try to do some research before your consultation. Have questions ready for the medical professional you’re consulting with.

One question you may want to ask is what the latest research says about medical cannabis and the treatment and management of your current health condition. Ongoing research sheds new light on what medical cannabis can and can’t do. Newer reports may conflict with older reports, and two different studies can reach almost conflicting conclusions.

Other questions to ask might include the practicalities of using medical marijuana. How can it be administered? What different forms of medical cannabis are there? What strains would be most appropriate for your condition? How much would you need, and how should you store it?

The medical practitioner will want to go over your health. There may be reasons they feel you’re not a good candidate for using medical marijuana to treat your condition. They may want to know about other treatment options you’ve tried and why you think medical cannabis might be right for you.

What Happens after a Medical Cannabis Consultation?

What happens after your consultation depends on what you and the medical practitioner decide. If either of you determine that medical marijuana isn’t the right choice for you, the conversation will stop here.

If you both feel you stand to benefit from medical cannabis, then you may be referred to another practitioner for additional follow-up or given a recommendation. The medical cannabis clinic staff may give you an authorization.

A medical cannabis consultation is the first step towards being an informed and safe medical marijuana patient. If you have questions about medical marijuana, make booking a consultation one of your first moves.

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