What Dosage of Medical Cannabis Is Right For You?

What Dosage of Medical Cannabis Is Right For You?

The number of medical cannabis patients in Canada has been growing quickly over the past couple of years. As more high-quality research has become available, more medical professionals have opted for this treatment option. While much remains to be proven in scientific studies, many patients are already benefiting from cannabis.

If you’ve been wondering about medical marijuana as an option for a health condition you have, or if you’re a new patient, you probably have many questions. You might want to know more about the safe and proper storage of your cannabis supply, or you might have questions about different administration methods and strains.

What dosage of medical cannabis is right for you?

The answer to this common patient inquiry is “it depends.” Medical marijuana dosages are highly personalized, with everyone reacting differently. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to find the right dosage.

Medical Cannabis Is Different from Other Medications

The first thing to understand about medical cannabis dosages is cannabis is somewhat different from other medications. It has a multiphasic dose-response relationship. A low dosage for one patient may be incredibly effective, while a high dosage can worsen symptoms or cause side effects. Meanwhile, another patient requires the higher dose to experience relief even if they have similar symptoms and use the same strain.

It’s important to find the right dosage for each individual patient for this reason. The tricky part is identifying a patient’s “optimal dose.” You may find a low dosage effective in relieving your symptoms. Other patients your physician has treated might require higher dosages.

How Can You Find the Right Dosage?

The question is now one of discovering the optimal dosage of cannabis for yourself. Most patients find they need to do conduct testing and experimenting.

Under the guidance of a medical professional, you should begin with a low dose of a strain commonly used to treat your condition or symptoms. This could be a sativa, indica, or hybrid. From there, you and the medical professionals can decide to increase your dosage as appropriate. You may even decide to try another strain.

If you’re using products such as prescription cannabinoids or cannabis oils, you may not have as many options, and strains will be less of a concern. You’ll still be able to choose between different products, however, which will have different concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Starting Low and Going Slow

Medical cannabis dosages can be frustrating because you don’t always get the right one immediately. It can take time and effort to find the optimal dose for you.

The “start low and go slow” rule of thumb is an excellent guideline for any medical marijuana patient. It’s particularly useful when the patient is new to cannabis.

The “going slow” part can be tiresome for patients, however, as they may not immediately get the relief they’re seeking. Trial and error might be frustrating, but it’s the safest way to determine your optimal dosage.

Use Medical Cannabis with Other Treatments

Another important thing to note is that you may want or need to use medical cannabis in tandem with other treatments. This is especially important before finding your optimal dosage because you will likely continue with some other therapies after as well.

This is because research is still ongoing. While medical marijuana shows promise in many areas, there’s relatively little consensus about what it can actually treat. The most effective way to use cannabis is often in conjunction with other, proven treatments.

Finding the right dose of medical cannabis takes time. With some patience and some guidance from a medical professional, you can find a dose that works for you.

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