What are Cannabis Capsules?

What are Cannabis Capsules?

Cannabis capsules are one of the newest products on the medicinal cannabis market. Capsules can be useful for patients as they are discrete and can help minimize the stigma associated with medicinal cannabis consumed via vaporization or smoking.

These products come in varying potencies and varieties depending on which licensed producer makes them. Currently, licensed producers are selling oil-based capsules (Cannimed, MedReleaf, Tilray, Tweed Main Street) and decarboxylated cannabis which can be used to produce your own capsules (Hydropothecary).

When starting with cannabis capsules it is best to follow the golden rule of titration, “start low and go slow.” Much like cannabis oils, capsules also vary in potency and the licensed producer you are registered with may carry several varieties of capsules with varying strengths. When purchasing capsules patients should consider whether the product is THC dominant, CBD dominant, or a mixture of the two. They should also consider the potency specific amount of each cannabinoid in each capsule.

Remember that ingested cannabis will affect you differently than inhaled cannabis. For those patients who are starting a new product we recommend starting at a lower dose than you are accustomed to in order to account for any differences between products prior to titrating up your dose.


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