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Medical Cannabis vs. Sleeping Pills: Which Is Better?

Medical Cannabis vs. Sleeping Pills: Which Is Better?

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, it can be frustrating. A lack of quality sleep can also wreak havoc on your day-to-day life. You may be irritable or sluggish, unproductive or confused and disoriented. If only you could get a little more shut-eye.

For some people, their sleeping troubles come from other medical conditions, such as chronic pain. Others may have medications or treatments playing into their insomnia. Still others won’t be able to find a cause. It’s frustrating all the same.

Catching Zs: Turning to Medication

Since sleep is so important for people, it’s little wonder they get so frustrated when they can’t sleep. The truth is most people both feel better and function better when they’ve had a good night’s rest. Getting enough good-quality sleep may also help ward off other medical conditions. Doctors agree. Getting shut-eye is important.

Many people turn to medication to help treat their insomnia. Doctors will even recommend it, particularly if patients have had trouble getting to sleep because of another medical condition or treatment.

In most cases, people turn to sleeping pills. Whether you’re getting an over-the-counter remedy or a prescription from your doctor, this is likely to be your first line of defense against insomnia.

Should It Be?

Most people turn to sleeping pills because they’re so commonly used to treat insomnia. Ask a friend or a doctor what you should take to help you sleep, and both will likely suggest a sleeping pill of some sort. The name even implies this is what you should be taking.

Is it though? Should sleeping pills really be your first treatment option for insomnia?

What other options do you have? Many people don’t realize they have a choice. They often think the only other choices are herbal teas or homeopathic remedies.

There’s another choice that may work better.

What about Medical Cannabis?

Users report medical cannabis is an effective sleep aid. Just as it’s often passed over for almost any other condition, however, very few people think of it when it comes to treating insomnia. Even your doctor may not think to try treating insomnia with a course of medical cannabis.

This is unfortunate because cannabis is considered by many to be an effective sleep aid. With the right strain and dose, many people find medical marijuana may send them to sleep quickly and peacefully. Most indica strains, which contain high levels of THC, make for great “nightcaps.” In fact, many medical cannabis patients report they don’t want to take indica strains during the day because of these effects.

Cannabis has long been known to induce sleep. It works by helping people relax. As you relax, you may begin to feel drowsy. Eventually, you may nod off.

Most people claim the rest they achieve with medical cannabis is of good quality. It may also help you overcome fitful sleep, wherein you wake up and have difficulty falling asleep again.

Which Is Better?

The next question most people have is: Which is better? Sleeping pills are so commonly prescribed that they must be more effective.

Studies suggest medical cannabis may be just as effective as sleeping pills when it comes to helping people achieve better-quality sleep. Medical marijuana might help you get to sleep, stay asleep, and achieve a better-quality sleep.

What’s more is medical cannabis is actually reported to be safer. Sleeping pills are highly addictive and it’s also easy to overdose on them. By contrast, medical marijuana ranks low in addictiveness and it’s very difficult to overdose on.

If you’re looking for a better sleep aid, consider medical cannabis.

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