How to Safely Store Medical Cannabis

How to Safely Store Medical Cannabis

Once you’ve been authorized medical cannabis, you’ll need to take a number of steps. You’ll consult with the experts and design a program to incorporate medical cannabis into your treatment plan. You’ll experiment with different strains and dosages. You may even explore cannabis oil as an alternative for you.

Once you have your authorization, you’ll also need to learn about using medical marijuana safely. You’ll want to know about dosages and how the substance works through your system. Another important thing to learn is how to safely store your authorized amount. You want to ensure it lasts and you also want to be sure it’s safely stored.

Keep It in a Cool, Dark Place

Your cannabis should be kept out of the light. Over time, UV rays from sunlight will degrade organic matter, including cannabis. This reduces the potency of the cannabinoids. Your recommended dosage may no longer provide relief from symptoms of the health condition you’re treating.

One easy way to avoid this is to use coloured bottles, similar to those pharmacies use for prescriptions. The bottles are designed to keep out UV light. Different colours filter light differently.

Cannabis also shouldn’t be too warm. Heat will degrade cannabinoids and dry out your supply. In addition, it can also promote the growth of mildew. Most experts don’t recommend storing it in the fridge, however, as this can promote bacterial growth.

Use a Glass Jar

Keeping cannabis in an air-tight container is a good idea. This protects it from oxygen exposure, which can degrade the cannabinoid content. Select a container with an air-tight lid. Glass jars are popular for this reason. Glass jars also tend to keep out moisture, which can damage your medical cannabis.

You can find dark-tinted glass, which will help filter light. Use different jars for different strains, and be sure to leave some breathing room in the jar.

Keep It Away from Children and Pets

One concern in Canada right now is the number of children and young adults who access drugs through their parents’ prescriptions. Older children and teenagers in particular may locate your prescriptions and help themselves to the medications. Painkillers are a particular target.

Cannabis is likely to be another popular target. Under Canada’s new recreational cannabis rules, it will still be illegal to supply minors with marijuana. If your child happens to find your medical cannabis, they may take it, and you could end up in trouble. There’s also evidence cannabis could harm younger people. Finally, you may find your authorized amount disappearing, which could leave you in pain from the medical condition you’re trying to treat.

If you have pets, you’ll also want to store your cannabis safely away from them. Pets may not actively go looking for medical cannabis, but they may get into it if the jar falls off the shelf and the lid comes off. Store your medical cannabis in a cupboard or drawer, out of reach, or in a safe place you can control access to.

Skip the Plastic Bag

Many people have stored cannabis in plastic bags. In fact, this is a common way to store recreational cannabis, and some medical marijuana patients have adopted it.

It’s not an ideal storage method for your medical cannabis for a number of reasons. First, the bags allow light and air to enter, which can degrade it and break down cannabinoids. Bags also allow moisture and humidity to enter, which can cause mildew or mould growth. Finally, they can also cause static electricity, which is known to break down THC.

Limit Handling

Too much handling can also damage medical cannabis, so keep it to a minimum whenever possible.

Follow these tips to store your cannabis safely, and you’ll be able to ensure you benefit from its effects as you’re supposed to.

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