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How Medical Cannabis for Nerve Pain Might Improve Your Quality of Life

How Medical Cannabis for Nerve Pain Might Improve Your Quality of Life

Medical cannabis has been reported to have many different uses. It’s often used to treat the side effects in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Other studies have suggested its effectiveness in fighting chronic pain, managing mental health conditions like PTSD and anxiety, and even treating conditions like epilepsy.

More experimental research is investigating its benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Another common reason people use medical cannabis is to treat nerve pain.

Treating Nerve Pain

Like many chronic pain conditions, nerve pain may not have an exact cause. It may come about as a symptom of another condition or an injury, but in most cases, no matter if the cause is known or not, it’s difficult to treat.

Why is nerve pain so different from other forms of pain? In some ways, it’s because it’s rooted deeper. The nerves of the human body are meant to convey information to the brain. Nerves are thus sensitive. If a nerve becomes inflamed or damaged, the pain is usually much worse than a pain at the surface of the body.

Nerve pain can be particularly debilitating for these reasons. Since it’s both chronic and strong, it affects patients’ quality of life quite severely. Both of these factors also make it difficult to treat. The best most patients can hope for is effective treatment.

Medical Cannabis for Nerve Pain

Many studies have suggested medical cannabis may be an effective painkiller for most cases of chronic pain. It also seems to be particularly effective for nerve pain, according to studies.

Medical cannabis for nerve pain is considered to be much safer than other traditional treatments, such as opioids. It’s also reported to be less addictive and comes with fewer side effects.

Medical cannabis appears to treat nerve pain in several ways. First, it may act to relax the nervous system. It might also calm inflamed tissues, which can sometimes press on nerves and result in pain. As a result, the nerves may be less irritated and less likely to relay pain information to the brain.

Improving Quality of Life

While it’s great that medical cannabis for nerve pain might effectively treat the pain, many wonder if it would actually improve their quality of life.

Medical cannabis has many other effects, depending upon the strain. Some strains claim to promote sleep, while others are reported to promote wakefulness and focus. The strains that promote wakefulness may help users achieve a sense of focus, which can help them feel motivated. If you want to get back to a workout regimen, for example, medical cannabis might help you get there.

It might also improve sleep quality, help control appetite, and may provide other benefits in addition to potentially providing effective pain management.

Opioids often make people tired. This means effective pain management often makes people disoriented or prone to sleeping. In that state, you’re not getting much done. You’re more likely to grab a nap than hit the treadmill.

Get Back to Life

Nerve pain can be debilitating. If you’re in pain, it will prevent you from doing the things you love. Opioid treatments may provide effective pain relief, but they don’t give you much opportunity to participate in everyday life. You may feel like you’re either in too much pain or too tired to participate. Even daily tasks may be too much.

Medical cannabis for nerve pain might be able to help you get back to your life and living it the way you want to.

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