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How Medical Cannabis and Osteopathy Can Work Together to Treat Joint Pain

How Medical Cannabis and Osteopathy Can Work Together to Treat Joint Pain

Whether it’s caused by arthritis or another condition, joint pain is one of the most debilitating conditions many Canadians suffer from. Because there’s no cure or “quick fix” for joint pain, many people are prescribed strong painkillers in order to improve their quality of life. However, painkillers come with a long list of risks, such as addiction, heart attack, and in some cases, even death.

Each person and their symptoms are different; however, painkillers and traditional treatments aren’t often tailored to individual situations and needs. While most people turn to painkillers out of desperation, there are other treatment options that may allow the body to manage joint pain symptoms without involving high-risk medications.

Medical cannabis and osteopathy can possibly work hand in hand to help joint pain sufferers manage their symptoms and relieve pain.

Why Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy approach to pain management that doesn’t involve dangerous medications that put your body and life at risk. It’s an alternative form of medicine that aims to restore the body’s natural functions by treating the cause of pain and imbalance from within your body.

Osteopaths work with their patients to determine how joint pain is disrupting the balance of their bodies’ systems and use manual techniques to relieve pain and manage symptoms. The manual techniques osteopaths use may vary, but for the most part, they include stretching exercises, resistance training, pressure point awareness, and massage therapy.

So how does this help with joint pain?

An osteopath helps relieve muscle tension around the affected joints, improves the range of motion, and builds better joint health by improving blood flow to and from the affected areas. Not only does this reduce pain and inflammation, but it also helps patients increase their flexibility and mobility, and, over time, decrease the severity of their symptoms.

Why Medical Cannabis?

One treatment for joint pain that’s increasing in popularity is medical cannabis. One study found the CB2 receptors in arthritis patients to be unusually high, while the use of medical cannabis was suggested to activate the pathways of these CB2 receptors and fight the inflammation that causes pain in the joints. A second study conducted by Dalhousie University researchers in Halifax suggested cannabis molecules can actually attach themselves to nerve receptors and control the firing of pain-sensing nerves in the joint.

But what does this mean?

For joint pain sufferers, this means pain management and nerve repair may be possible. Not only may sufferers have the opportunity to manage their pain symptoms, but they may be able to get back to their daily routines without disruptive intervention.

Why the Two Together?

For joint pain sufferers, the combination of medical cannabis and osteopathy may work wonders on the body. By adopting natural medicine into one’s treatment plan instead of dangerous painkillers, patients may begin to see lasting improvements in their physical abilities and a drastic decrease in pain. Thanks to the improved mobility that comes from osteopathy and the possible pain management properties of medical cannabis, joint pain sufferers will have a holistic health plan in place for managing their pain symptoms.

These alternative medicines can manage symptoms without the intervention of prescriptions that may do more harm than good. Medical cannabis and osteopathy may work together to regulate the body’s systems, improve joint health, and reduce pain.

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