How Do Physicians Conduct a Medical Cannabis Evaluation?

How Do Physicians Conduct a Medical Cannabis Evaluation?

To receive medical marijuana, you need to take several steps. You’ll need to talk to a medical professional and ensure you qualify for medical cannabis under the ACMPR. You may also need to talk to a consultant and other health professionals before you’ll receive an authorization.

What is a medical cannabis evaluation?

The evaluation is often one of the first steps you’ll take towards receiving an authorization for medical marijuana. During the evaluation, the physician will assess your current condition and symptoms, as well as your medical history. They’ll determine if medical cannabis could be a treatment option you wish to explore further. They might refer you to a clinic for additional consultation.


A Medical Marijuana Evaluation Is Step One

Before you can be authorized medical marijuana, you’ll need to have an evaluation.

To book an evaluation, you’ll make an appointment with your doctor or have them refer you to a medical cannabis clinic. Some clinics also allow patients to self-refer. You may consider that option if your doctor refuses to consider medical cannabis as an option for you or won’t refer you.

You’ll be given an appointment, and you’ll meet with a physician, as well as other members of the clinic team.


What Happens during a Medical Marijuana Evaluation?

During your evaluation, the physician’s job is to assess you as a candidate for medical marijuana. This physician will likely review your medical history with you. They’ll also ask questions about your current health condition and why you’re seeking treatment.

You’ll need to tell the physician about any other conditions and medications you’ve needed to take. Medical cannabis does interact with other medications, so this information is very important during an evaluation.

Your medical history is also important. People who have a history of substance use and addiction amay not be good candidates for high THC marijuana. Those who have had mental health issues may be strongly cautioned against pursuing this treatment option (high THC specifically).


How Will the Evaluation Be Conducted?

If you live close to a medical cannabis clinic, you may travel to the clinic and meet with the physician face-to-face. You may also travel to a clinic if you live out of town. Some clinics will conduct evaluations using telehealth methods, such as a video interview.

The physician will likely lead the conversation, asking about your medical history and your current health condition. They’ll use this information to decide whether you qualify for medical cannabis.

You’ll also have a chance to discuss your concerns or questions you have about medical cannabis during the evaluation. The physician may discuss different methods of taking medical cannabis, different strains, and more. They may also discuss their own concerns or the precautions you’ll need to take.


What Happens Next?

After a medical marijuana evaluation, you may decide not to move forward with this treatment option. The physician might feel this isn’t the right choice for you or that you have other options you should explore first.

If the physician does believe medical marijuana could help you manage your condition, the next step will be to consult with other members of the staff at the medical cannabis clinic. They can help you make a plan and determine which strains may be best for you.

You’ll then be given your authorization. Occasionally, a physician will issue the authorization immediately after the evaluation if they’re confident about which strains you should use and which dose to start with. If not, they’ll refer you to the team to discuss those options and your medical marijuana treatment.

As you can see, the medical marijuana evaluation is an important first step towards both receiving your authorization and answering your questions about medical cannabis. If you’re considering medical cannabis as a treatment option for you, consider booking an evaluation today.


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