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How Do I Ask My Doctor about Getting a Medical Marijuana License?

How Do I Ask My Doctor about Getting a Medical Marijuana License?

Medical cannabis has become more popular as a potential treatment in the last few years. With more research finally being conducted, more people are becoming aware of it and the potential it has to improve human health. As a result, more patients are willing to see what medical cannabis can do for them.

If you’re interested in using medical cannabis as part of a treatment regimen for a health condition, you need to speak with your doctor and obtain a medical marijuana license. Many patients find this a daunting task.

What’s the best way to ask your doctor about getting a license for medical cannabis?

These tips, including doing some preliminary research, booking an appointment, and asking for a second opinion, can help you approach the subject with your doctor.

Why Do You Need a Medical Marijuana License?

Before you ask about getting one, you need to know what a medical marijuana license is. It’s sometimes known as an authorization. It’s similar to a prescription for other medications, but it has different components.

A license allows you to possess cannabis for medicinal purposes, under the ACMPR. This is important to establish the legality of possession. Until October 2018, cannabis was illegal in Canada, which meant you could be prosecuted if you did not have the proper license.

That’s why it’s so important to get a medical marijuana license. Even with recreational cannabis becoming legal in 2018, patients using cannabis for medicinal purposes will still need to have a license.

What’s in a License?

Your license contains some important information. It will outline how much medical cannabis you’re allowed to legally possess and how long you can have it. You’ll need to be able to present this document to the authorities should you ever be asked for it.

Even with recreational cannabis being legalized, medical marijuana patients will require their licensing documents. This is because patients will be allowed to carry more cannabis than the recreational limit, as per their medical needs.

How to Ask Your Doctor about Getting a License

Many patients are still nervous about getting a medical marijuana license from their doctor. They’re afraid their doctor may say no.

If you don’t have the conversation, however, you’ll never know what the answer is. Book an appointment with your doctor to discuss medical cannabis as a treatment option for you. Before you go, be sure to do some research on medical cannabis and your condition.

You’ll want to be prepared to discuss the topic with your doctor. Having the right information can help you as you try to understand your doctor’s position.

Getting a Second Opinion

If your doctor is unsure or says no, ask about getting a second opinion. Your doctor may want to refer you to the experts at a medical cannabis clinic anyway. This is especially true when the doctor has questions themselves.

Book your appointment with the medical cannabis clinic, and follow up with the experts there. In most cases, you’ll need a referral. The referral usually has to come from a medical provider, although there are a few programs where you may not need your doctor to refer you first.

What If You Don’t Qualify?

There are many reasons you may not qualify for medical cannabis. If this is the case, hear your doctor out. They may have many valid reasons for wanting to try other treatments. Try to keep an open mind.

That said, you should ask your doctor to provide their reasoning for saying no. Good research can help you make a stronger case for trying cannabis as part of your treatment.

In many cases, doctors are now saying yes to patients who broach the topic with them. Getting a medical marijuana license can be as simple as asking.

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