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How and When Should I Take Medical Cannabis?

How and When Should I Take Medical Cannabis?

If you’ve been authorized medical cannabis, you may still have questions about its use. If you’re just considering cannabis as a potential part of your treatment, you likely have many questions!

One of the common questions people have is about how they should take medical cannabis. Another frequently asked question is when they should take cannabis. These questions are easily answered.

How Should You Take It?

Cannabis is taken in two main ways. It can be inhaled or ingested.

There are reasons people prefer to inhale cannabis. Inhalation of the active substances in cannabis results in faster action. Ingestion takes longer to act on the system since it must be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Inhalation through smoking puts the active ingredients into your bloodstream in short order. Cannabis acts on the brain within minutes. Most people feel the full effects within 15 minutes.

For ingestion of cannabis oil, it takes a lot longer to kick in. Some people begin to experience the effects within 30 minutes. Others won’t feel the effects until hours afterwards.

When Should You Take It?

Since the timing of the effects of medical cannabis can vary so widely, many people wonder when they should take their authorized dosage.

There are a few variables at play in answering this question. First, you need to consider how you’ll be taking your authorized dosage. If you’ll be smoking it, you’ll feel the effects quite quickly. If you plan to use oral cannabis, you’ll have a longer wait time for the onset of effects.

You should also consider what you plan to do within that timeframe. Smoking and then getting in the car to commute to work isn’t a good idea. Depending on your job, you may not want to use medical cannabis at all during the work day.

Similarly, you may not want to take medical cannabis right before bed. This depends on what condition you’re managing and the strain you’re using. Some strains may promote sleep, so taking your dose before bed may be a great idea. Other strains claim to promote activity and socialness, so you might decide to take cannabis at a time when you need to be more active.

How Long Does It Last?

Another consideration when you’re trying to figure out how and when you should take your authorized cannabis is how long the effects last. Again, this depends a lot on the method you’re using.

For those smoking, the effects hit sooner and wear off much faster. Most people can expect the effects to dissipate after about an hour or so. You may experience lingering effects for much longer. Some people experience the effects for up to three hours.

When medical marijuana is ingested, it takes longer to get into the system, but it also takes longer to wear off. Most people experience the effects for four to six hours after they initially ingest the cannabis.

This should also factor into when you plan to take your dosage.

A Custom Plan

Ultimately, how and when you take medical cannabis depends on your unique life circumstances. Talk to your provider about methods and timing as part of your customized medical cannabis plan.

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