Getting a Referral

Cannabinoid Medical Clinic operates on a referral basis. Once we’ve received your referral form and supporting medical documentation, our booking centre will contact you to schedule an initial appointment at your nearest CMC location. Below, you will find several recommendations to help facilitate this process.


Speak to your Family Physician
CMC receives referrals from family physicians all across the country. Start a conversation with your family physician about whether you may benefit from our services and what piqued your interest in medical cannabis.

Speak with your Specialist
In addition to accepting referrals from family physicians, we also accept them from most specialist physicians. This includes psychiatrists, neurologists, anesthesiologists, rheumatologists, oncologists, etc.

Visit  a Walk-in Clinic
Some patients do not have a family physician or a specialist. For those patients it is possible to visit a walk-in clinic to ask for a referral. You may still need to obtain supporting medical documentation from another physician or health care professional.

Submit a Self-Referral
Some physicians will also accept self-referrals. The patient will still need to submit any related medical documentation with their referral before it undergoes an approval process. Once approved you will be added to a booking list to be scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is “Supporting Medical Documentation?”
Supporting medical documentation could be any documents related to the condition in which you are being referred. This documentation doesn’t necessarily need to be sent from the referring physician, and can even be provided by other health care professionals such as your physiotherapist or psychologist.

My referral has been sent, when will I be scheduled?
CMC will only schedule a patient if sufficient medical history is supplied. If we do not have this documentation we will request this information from your referring physician. Once the referral is completed you will be added to our booking list. Wait time will vary in your local area depending on patient volume and physician availability.

How long is my referral valid for?
Your referral is valid for one year from the time it is processed. Provided you’ve been scheduled for an appointment with us in the last year, you will not need another referral.

Where can I find a referral form?
CMC has various referral forms for the Atlantic, Ontario, Western and BC regions. For optimal service please ensure you select the referral form tailored to your location and select the clinic you wish to attend. All of our referral forms are available on our website.


For further questions on obtaining a referral or on the referral process please contact our patient care centre at 888-282-7763. You can find additional information on the referral process here.


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