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Cannabis Oil Equivalency Factors

Cannabis Oil Equivalency Factors

One of the most confusing issues for medicinal cannabis patients is understanding oil equivalency factors. It’s easy to understand the confusion. Your bottle says your daily dose is in grams but the syringe you’re provided with is in millilitres. Below is a guideline on equivalency factors, what they mean for you as a patient and how much you should be taking or how much you can possess.

As a medicinal cannabis patient you are able to order and possess up to a 30 day supply at any time. That means if your prescription is for 1 gram/day, you can order and possess up to 30 grams, or the liquid equivalent of 30 grams. Each licensed producer who carries oil products has an equivalency factor (some even have more than one!) An equivalency factor is the number of millilitres of oil that equates to 1 gram’s worth of your monthly prescription. For example, if a licensed producer has an equivalency factor of 8:1 it means that for every 8 ml of oil you order, 1 gram will be subtracted from your monthly allotment.

In other words, an equivalency factor of 8:1 means that 8 ml = 1 gram.

Confusion occurs surrounding equivalency factors because most licensed producers have a different equivalency factor and supply their oil in different size bottles. It is always best to consult your licensed producer to determine your equivalency factor.

Patients can use the following equation to calculate how many bottles of oil you can possess at one time, provided you have not already ordered and are not ordering any herbal cannabis to supplement your oil.

Grams/day (found on bottle) x 30 = Total Monthly Allotment
Total Monthly Allotment – Grams off monthly Allotment = Remaining grams for month

Often times patients will see that their bottle may say 0.67g/day or 1g/day. This number is strictly for the licensed producer and for any legal authorities so they know how much cannabis you can possess and does not represent your daily dosage. Your daily dosage of oil will be determined by a titration process that will be explained at your educator visit. You will also be provided with a titration schedule depending on the type of oil prescribed. If you did not receive this schedule or are looking for a replacement schedule please contact our patient care centre at 1-888-282-7763.

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