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Leading patient care in prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis, Canabo Medical Clinic uses these therapies to treat patients suffering from chronic pain and disabling illnesses. Dedicated to helping patients find effective treatment for chronic and serious conditions, CMClinic educates patients, physicians and the community by advancing medical cannabis research.

When knowledgeable physicians prescribe it correctly, cannabinoids and medical cannabis can play a meaningful role in patient recovery plans, effectively managing symptoms and improving quality of life.

Patients referred to CMClinic undergo an initial medical examination to assess their needs and suitability for therapy. If deemed appropriate, the doctor prescribes cannabinoids or medical cannabis. Our experienced educators help patients navigate the new medical cannabis regulatory system, providing patient education on their prescription and advising on accessing a licensed producer. Through regular follow up appointments, the clinic ensures that the medication prescribed delivers its desired outcome.

There is no fee for a CMClinic appointment, although we do require a family physician or specialist’s referral.

An initial visit includes a consultation with a physician as well as a free introductory cannabinoid education session with a trained cannabinoid educator.

Our Mandate

Helping patients find effective alternate and adjunct treatments with medical cannabis, educating patients, physicians and the community and advancing research in the prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis field, we will:

  1. Establish a Center for Excellence in Prescription Cannabinoids and Medical Cannabis:
    • CMClinic, the first of its kind in Ontario, will be the leader in cannabinoid medicine, raising the bar for patient care and knowledge in the field.
  2. Educate Community on Prescription Cannabinoids and Medical Cannabis:
    • Inform patients, physicians and the community through publications, presentations and seminars, raising awareness of the of prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis’ therapeutic potential
  3. Research Prescription Cannabinoids and Medical Cannabis:
    • Conduct research on prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis use and its effects, creating a critical mass of information and advancing research in the field.

Our Staff

CMClinic’s Physicians

Dr. Michael Verbora, MBA, MD, CCFP, Medical Director

Michael earned an MBA from the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business in 2009 and an M.D. from Schulich School of Medicine at Western University in 2013, before entering a Family Practice residency at the University of Toronto. A member of the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids, Doctors for Responsible Access and the Canadian Pain Society, he has completed over 2,000 cannabinoid therapy consultations, and has presented many talks in community and hospital settings while serving as student health physician at Seneca College and Medical Director, Canabo Medical Clinic.

Dr. Danial Schecter, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Dr. Danial Schecter, a practicing family physician, co-founded the Cannabinoid Medical Clinic (CMClinic). After working with Canada’s leading medical cannabis researchers, he developed a strong interest in cannabinoid therapeutic use. As a recognized cannabinoid medical expert, Dr. Schecter has given numerous presentations to fellow physicians and developed cannabis-related educational programs.

In addition to cannabinoid medicine, Dr. Schecter’s clinical interests include delivering a high standard of care to at-risk elderly and palliative care patients, prompting him to establish his own house-calls service in Georgian Bay, Ont. he completed a fellowship in Hospital Medicine and is an active hospitalist at the Barrie, Ont. Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.

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Neil Smith
Neil SmithExecutive Chairman
John Philpott
John PhilpottPresident & CEO
Garry Stewart
Garry StewartChief Financial Officer

Our Staff

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