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5 Pieces of Advice for New Medical Cannabis Patients

5 Pieces of Advice for New Medical Cannabis Patients

You’ve just received your authorization for medical cannabis, and you’re excited to see what this new treatment avenue can do for you. You might also be nervous, especially if this is your first time using cannabis.

You likely have many questions right now. You want to be sure you’re using medical marijuana safely and effectively. You hope it works for you and brings you the relief you need to get back to your daily life.

These five tips are designed with the new medical cannabis patient in mind. If you follow them, you’ll be sure to use your new medication safely and to better effect.

1. A New Medical Cannabis Patient Should Start Low and Go Slow

This is a common piece of advice, and you may have received it from several sources already. It bears repeating because it’s so important. Start low and go slow.

This means you should start with a relatively low dose and gradually increase it. This helps you find the optimal dose for you, without ever taking too high a dose. Medical cannabis can sometimes have opposite effects at high doses, which could produce unpleasant side effects.

If you don’t think your current dosage is working, talk to your doctor or another medical professional. It might be time to change strains or dosages.

2. Ask Questions!

A new medical cannabis patient is likely going to have questions, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s perfectly normal. You should feel free to ask any and all questions.

Talk to your doctor or the medical experts at a medical cannabis clinic when you have questions. Put your mind at ease and ask away. An informed patient is a safe and healthy patient.

3. Be Sure to Store Your Medical Cannabis Correctly

As a new medical cannabis patient, you should read up on how to store your medical cannabis correctly. Someone at the clinic or the doctor’s office should go over this with you, but there are also resources on the internet.

Correct storage is important to ensure your medication maintains its potency. Incorrect storage can lead to the breakdown of cannabinoids, which reduces the effectiveness. Correct storage also helps keep children and pets safe.

4. Connect with Other Patients

Another step you might want to take is to connect with other medical cannabis patients. There is still a stigma attached to using medical cannabis, so connecting with others can be a good way to find a supportive group of understanding people.

They may also be able to answer some questions you have. Connecting with other patients can also help you find supportive events. You don’t have to use medical cannabis alone.

5. You Can’t Just Switch Producers

Say you’ve been using medical marijuana for a little while, and you’ve been wondering about the strain you’re using. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s right for you. Or perhaps you noted another producer has the same strain, but at a lower price.

Remember that you can’t just switch producers. You’ll need to see a doctor or a nurse practitioner to make the change.

You also shouldn’t purchase cannabis on the recreational market. Self-medicating with cannabis isn’t usually a good idea. Talk to your doctor instead.

As a novice patient of medical cannabis, you likely feel overwhelmed. Soon enough, however, your nervousness will fade, and you’ll be successfully incorporating medical marijuana into your treatment regime.

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