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4 Signs of a High-Quality Medical Cannabis Doctor

4 Signs of a High-Quality Medical Cannabis Doctor

When you’re investigating medical cannabis as a potential treatment option, you want to know you’re getting advice you can trust. The field of research on cannabis is changing almost constantly, and it’s important to know you have someone you can talk to.

A doctor who specializes in medical cannabis is a great choice, but not all doctors are created equal. How do you know you’re talking to a high-quality medical cannabis doctor?

There are a number of different signs you can look for, including a willingness to listen, knowledge of recent research, a partnership with a reputable medical cannabis clinic, and deep knowledge of the different ways cannabis could assist you in managing a medical condition.

If you’re looking for a high-quality medical cannabis doctor, look for these four signs.

1. The Best Medical Cannabis Doctor Works with Medical Cannabis Clinics

Whether you’re already heading to a clinic or independently consulting with a physician who claims to specialize in the area, you want to know your doctor works with high-quality medical cannabis clinics.

This partnership is important because it gives you access to a network of knowledgeable people and resources. You know the cannabis clinic wouldn’t work with a doctor with a poor reputation, and vice versa.

This is important for you as the patient, since you’ll likely need access to resources beyond what an individual doctor can provide. Knowing there’s a whole team available to support you is important.

2. They’re up to Date on Medical Cannabis Research

The world of medical cannabis research is in flux, almost constantly shifting. A high-quality medical cannabis doctor is going to stay on top of this research. They’ll be able to discuss the latest studies and findings with you.

Why is this important? Since the knowledge is changing constantly, doctors need to be aware of it. Whereas, in the past, medical cannabis may not have been recommended for the treatment of a certain disease, emerging research might now say it can be recommended. Research insights may also shed light on the effectiveness of particular treatments or combinations of treatments.

In essence, if your doctor doesn’t keep up with the latest research, they may not be giving you the most accurate advice. As a result, you may not be using the most effective treatment.

3. They Understand Strains, Dosing, and More

Many doctors are just as new to the subject of medical cannabis as you are. They’re unsure about strains and dosing.

A high-quality medical cannabis doctor should be able to provide you with sound advice about these subjects and more. They should have a deep knowledge of strains and the science behind them. This knowledge then informs their decisions.

How can you tell if your doctor has this knowledge? They should be able to explain to you why certain strains act in a particular way, or why they’re authorizing a particular dose. If they recommended a strain, they should be able to support their reasoning.

This can help you rest assured you’re using the best treatment for your unique situation.

4. They Offer You Support

The best medical cannabis doctors are going to be supportive of you during your medical marijuana journey. Not only will they be able to offer you support and insight into the latest medical knowledge, they should also provide a welcoming environment.

You should feel comfortable discussing your medical condition, your needs, and your medical marijuana authorization with your doctor. They should support you as best they can and be a part of your circle of care, discussing your options for treatment and helping you decide what’s right for you.

Look for these signs when you try to find the right medical cannabis doctor to assist you on your journey. With the right support, you can find a treatment that will work for you.

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