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4 Reasons to Consider Cannabis Oil for Pain

4 Reasons to Consider Cannabis Oil for Pain

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that smoking is bad for your health. Our increasingly smoke-free world is proof of this. Smoking is prohibited in many public spaces: on airplanes, in restaurant and bars, in front of buildings, and more. Many find secondhand smoke unpleasant and dangerous (with good reason) and wish to avoid it at all costs.

Unfortunately, when most people think of cannabis, they think of smoking�”and that might be preventing them from experiencing safe, natural, and effective smoke-free pain relief. Though smoking cannabis does not cause lung cancer the way smoking cigarettes does, smoking can still turn people off from medical cannabis for reasons of convenience, personal preference, sensitivity, and more. Thankfully, there’s cannabis oil for pain.

For those experiencing chronic pain, there are options beyond suffering in silence, taking highly addictive opioid drugs, and having to smoke cannabis. Here are some compelling reasons to consider the potential medicinal effects of cannabis oil for pain relief.

1. Cannabis Oil Can Be Used Anytime, Anywhere

Cannabis oil for pain is a highly versatile solution. Suffering from pain and discomfort on an ongoing basis is already uncomfortable and disruptive�”imagine having to find an acceptable place to smoke. But because cannabis oil is discreet, you can benefit from the potential medicinal relief whenever and wherever you need it.

2. More Controlled Dosages, Less Guesswork

When smoking medical cannabis, there’s always the risk of overdoing it. It might be difficult to control the amount consumed, especially if you’re preparing the cannabis yourself. With cannabis oil for pain, especially when it comes in capsule form, each dosage is closely controlled and formulated consistently.

Cannabis oil for pain can offer greater peace of mind for people who want to take the guesswork out of their medical cannabis consumption.

3. Better for Your Lungs Than Smoking

While cannabis doesn’t cause cancer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that smoking is ideal. Smoking cannabis can irritate your lungs, cause coughing fits, increase vulnerability to certain infections, and increase the risk of bronchitis and asthma. It’s definitely out of the question for patients who have preexisting respiratory issues. Thankfully, cannabis oil for pain is just as effective for chronic pain sufferers, without compromising respiratory health and comfort.

4. It’s Natural

Just as people are reluctant to inhale smoke, the ongoing opioid epidemic is making people far more hesitant to ingest highly addictive prescription drugs. Research suggests cannabis oil for pain may have incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Don’t let misconceptions about medical cannabis hinder you from experiencing potential pain relief. There are so many options, including medical cannabis oil. Studies suggest the pros outweigh the cons. Do your research and speak to a healthcare practitioner about the right option for you.

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